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1960 - ChevroletSOLD - Impala
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4 Door Hardtop
Status: SOLD!
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SORRY BUT WE HAVE JUST SOLD THIS VEHICLE. PLEASE KEEP WATCHING OUR WEBSITE, AS OUR INVENTORY IS ALWAYS CHANGING! To see more photos of this vehicle just click on the link above. This 1960 Chevy Impala 4 door hardtop is a little on the rough side. What can I say other than these cars are getting hard to find, and this car is worth saving. This car was a 348 V8 car, but now has a 6 cylinder engine that is not complete, so it will not run. The transmission is intact. There are lots of dents everywhere. There is some minor rust out in the floors and quarter panels where these cars normally have some rust, but it is not bad. The rocker panels are solid. Has good bumpers that would be usable, or get them re-chromed for show. The windshield is cracked, and some of the flat side glass will also need to be replaced, but these windshields and flat glass are easy to get now. If you are looking for a great big 4 door hardtop to build here is the car for you. This car will NOT come with the wheels and tires that are in the pictures. We will put some different wheels and tires on the car. We have priced this car at ONLY $1,995 and Yes you get a CLEAR CLEAN SOUTH DAKOTA TITLE. Titles are getting to be very hard to get for these old vehicles, so we go through all the hard paperwork to get titles for our vehicles. Shipping is available world wide. Give Bill a call if you have questions: 605-348-7373 Motion Unlimited Museum and Antique Car Lot, Rapid City South Dakota